About me

Technologist, Strategist & Disruption Evangelist

Experienced public company officer and MBA with proven history as a growth leader and business operator. Strong software industry experience with recognition spanning technology leadership to organizational effectiveness. Product strategy visionary and enterprise value multiplier, with propensity for cultivating high-performing teams and delivering on profitable growth commitments.

Anthony has more than 20 years of progressive experience in a variety of senior roles at Amdocs, including as president of the AT&T division, where he was responsible for the relationship with the company’s largest customer.


Anthony Goonetilleke is chief strategy officer and group president of Amdocs. He and the corporate strategy team are responsible for formulating the strategy of the company, as well as developing and executing on long-term growth plans aligned with the company’s purpose and vision.

Anthony also heads the company’s product and technology groups, responsible for creating industry-leading cloud platforms that meet rapidly evolving market needs, scale efficiently and provide immediate business benefits to service providers and their customers. In Amdocs Open Network, his focus is on enabling service providers to rapidly deploy and optimize networks, flexibly create and launch new services, and accurately & reliably operate and assure network services. Under his purview, Amdocs Media is responsible for serving the largest Hollywood studios, more than 600 independent studios and delivering content on the cloud to more than 1,000 distributors around the world.


Anthony lives in Dallas with his wife, Daniela and his two daughters, Gabrielle and Charlotte.